Exhibits Wishlist

Osmo Set
(from the Art Room to the classroom, CML will use Osmo to offer STEAM activities from art to puzzles to coding)
Needed: 4

Apple iPad
(CML will use iPads to power educational applications such as Osmo in the Art Room)
Needed: 6

See-Through Easel
(inside or out, children will love painting on this upright, large, two-sided acrylic easel)
Needed: 3

Marble Wall
(this interactive, irresistable wall combines cool glass, sparkling light and gentle sounds!)
Needed: 1

Jumbo Knob Puzzles
(we always need more of these puzzles for the smallest problem solvers)
Needed: 5

Woodworking Tool Kit
(real, adult-quality tools made for small hands: everything needed to master basic skills or turn out finished projects)
Needed: 10

Child Safety Glasses
(help us keep our young carpenters safe with comfortable eye protection designed especially for small faces)
Needed: 10

Sander Kits
(containing soft balsa wood, this sanding kit is easy enough to keep kids interested, but provides enough of a challenge to encourage them to work hard)
Needed: 3

Clamp-on Vise
(essential for holding the young carpenter’s projects during sawing, drilling and sanding, this vise will help keep little fingers safely out of the way)
Needed: 10

Loop Scissors
(these specially designed scissors provide comfortable assistance and encouragement to aid children with smaller hands and fine motor challenges)
Needed: 5

Mounted Scissors
(an Art Room essential: these scissors offer superb stability and safety)
Needed: 5

Mega Stackers
(these large, plastic stackers are a great way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in our youngest)
Needed: 2

Baby Connects
(toddlers love these colorful, snap-construction toys designed to encourage fine motor development)
Needed: 1

(help us add more playful colors, fun sounds, fresh tactile experiences and super-suction toys to baby and toddler areas throughout the Museum)
Needed: 5

Easy Grip Paintbrushes
(easy-to-hold chubby brushes with a ball-shaped end: ideal for young or physically challenged children)
Needed: 3

Crossing Paths
(these sturdy, interlocking shapes combine in a variety of ways for imaginative active play)
Needed: 1

Lego WeDo 2.0
(with lego bricks, motors, sensors and an app, CML will bring life, physical, earth and space sciences, as well as engineering learning to life)
Needed: 6

Chubby City Vehicles
(children will love cruising around town with these easy-to-grip vehicles – set includes emergency vehicles, along with cars and trucks that you’d see in a city)

(engaging and great for developing motor skills, these large tactile discs spin up and down or back and forth on a corkscrew pole)
Needed: 5

Better Builders Grippies
(these open-ended magnetic STEM building toys introduce the basic principles of geometry while combining tactile exploration and engineering play)
Needed: 5

Pull & Play Tissue Box and 12 Scarves
(perfect for exercise, movement activities, games and group exercises these vibrantly colorful sets encourage endless ideas for imaginary active play)
Needed: 12

Jumbo Plastic Droppers
(just right for small hands, these plastic droppers can be used for science, sensory, art and water play)
Needed: 5

Chubby Paint Brushes
(wish we had some new paint brushes in the Art Room? so do we!)
Needed: 4