DooDash's art studio

Color and creativity welcome your family to the DooDash's Art Studio! Whether your little one constructs knight’s armor from recycled egg cartons in the “Creation Station” or tries splatter painting a la Jackson Pollock in the “Painting Place” –  every child will find the artist within!

Creation Station – Channel your inner Leo Sewell, a famous recyclables sculptor, as everyday recyclables take on a whole new life with your child’s imagination. Problem-solving and spatial awareness skills are honed while constructing your masterpiece!

Painting Place – Follow in the footsteps of Picasso and Pollock to create works of art using washable paints. Perfect for creating gifts for loved ones. Ask your child, “What new colors can you create?” and “How does your art make you feel?”

Encourage your child to try new artistic media and techniques such as oil pastels, collages, weaving, etc. No two products are the same as you focus on the process of art. Stimulate conversations by saying, “Tell me about what you are doing.” Experiences change regularly.

Hint: Although the materials are washable, smocks are available to help protect clothing.  


speak loud studio!

Speak Loud Studio! celebrates creative self-expression in all forms. Visitors enter an experiential and experimental space that illuminates the diverse technical skills and processes required in creating a theater show. Characters and settings are brought into reality as visitors create costumes and set pieces together. Opportunities to perform stoke confidence and verbal skills as stories take flight on the stage. Whether developing a passion for work behind the scenes, or a role on center stage, Speak Loud Studio! provides open-ended opportunities for unique outcomes that are sure to bring the house down.

DooDash's Back Yard

Imaginations and muscles work together with the changing array of activities in DooDash's Back Yard!


air air everywhere

Suspend light-weight spheres in mid-air while learning how something as heavy as a jumbo jet is able to fly as though it’s lighter than air at the Bernoulli Table, then head over and try your hand with the Sail Cars… All of the sailing, none of the water! Did you know the best angle to sail into the wind is at 45°? The vessel must zig-zag, or “tack”, from starboard to port to reach a destination from which the wind is blowing.

infant & toddler playspace

Our littlest visitors (Birth to 3 years old) learn through interactive PLAY in the Infant & Toddler Playspace! Designed to encourage gross motor skill development, little ones can explore their surroundings safely as they climb and ride down tiny wooden slides made just for them.

The Infant & Toddler Playspace has lots of tactile and fine motor toys for little hands to explore. Tummy time is made easy on padded mats and soft carpets. Pick up a book and snuggle with your little one in the reading area.

Highlights: This interactive gallery is a great place for new parents and caregivers to connect, too!

Publix Market

publix market

*We are beginning a significant renovation to this exhibit to make the museum even better!  We are also committed to staying open so families continue to have a place to play and learn. Please pay attention to directional signs as things are changing daily based on the construction schedule. 

This market is designed for the children to always push the cart! So many developing skills are practiced in a children's museum grocery store - from sorting to counting to waiting in line to check out, opportunities to practice math, learn colors and get along with others abound. Children gain even more when caring adults join in their play and the Publix Market makes that easy.

Hint: Part of the fun of the Market is putting groceries back on the shelves – think of it as a huge game of match! Does your child not quite know where to start in the Market? Why not give them one of the grocery lists to follow?

Boeing Brightlab

In the Boeing BrightLab, visitors explore making and building projects with real tools and materials. As a hands-on entry point for math and engineering concepts as well as experimentation and process-based thinking, this exhibit guides young visitors through creative and technical problem-solving processes while providing authentic encounters with tools and technology. Experiences ranging from open-ended tinkering to pre-defined projects help visitors of all levels to build practical skills and create tangible outcomes. Boeing BrightLab includes a range of tools and workspaces to accommodate flexible use by individuals, families, and school audiences, making it a safe space for learning for the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry’s entire audience.