In the Community

CML partners with many community organizations to bring PLAY outside the Museum’s walls. Look for the big, blue Imagination Playground blocks, mini Raceways or the magnetic Ball Wall at area festivals, parties and events.

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Jennifer Sanders
Director of Education
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School Outreach | Enrichment on the Go!

Can’t make it to CML? CML Education staff will bring interactive, standards-based programming to you! Choose from the following programs or contact us to design a program that suits your needs.

Please note: CML can facilitate Enrichment on the Go programs virtually or in-person with social distancing and masks requirements.

Use the Force (and Motion) – Students participate in a variety of activities in which they explore the affects of pushes, pulls, gravity and friction on objects. Recommended for grades 2 and 5; SC Science Standards 2.P.4A and 5.P.5A.

Lettuce Learn: Plants & the Water Cycle – Students explore the needs of plants, the water cycle and water as a natural resource. Recommended for grades 1 and 4; SC Science Standards 1.L.5, 1.E.4B and 4.E.2A.

Light & Shadows – Inspired by the story Moonbear’s Shadow, students explore light, shadows and the movement of the sun. Recommended for grade 1; SC Science Standards 1.P.2A.

Magnetic Attraction – Explore the magnetic properties of various objects and then use the magnetic materials to complete a work of art. Recommended for grades pre-K, K and 2; SC Science Standards K.P.4A.1 and 2.P.3B.

Playground Architects – Imaginations run wild as children use loose parts to construct a model of their ideal playground and develop their own narrative story. Recommended for grades K, 1 and 2; SC College- and Career-Ready ELA Standard 3.

Science Experiments – Students are introduced to scientific tools and learn to make predictions and observations of a chemical reaction. Recommended for early childhood, pre-K and K.

Float Your Boat – Students investigate floating and sinking. Recommended for early childhood, pre-K and K.

Tinkering with Tools + Math – Students use fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and mathematical thinking to create patterns, match colors and create artwork. Recommended for early childhood and pre-K.

The following programs may be offered as individual sessions or as an Enrichment Residency in which CML will visit on a regularly scheduled basis to offer a series of sessions.

Full STEAM Ahead – Integrating the arts into science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities encourage creativity and foster a deeper understanding of the content. Recommended for grades pre-K – 5; activities address SC Science Standards.

Mini Masterpieces – Students are introduced to artists, their work and their methods to inspire the next generation of artists and creative thinkers. Children create their own works of art using the learned techniques. Recommended for grades pre-K – 5; activities address SC Visual Arts Standard 3.

To book an Enrichment on the Go program, please complete this request form. A CML staff member will contact you within one week to confirm your reservation.