“I appreciate the effort in coming here and engaging the students in fun, thought-provoking engineering lessons.” – Hendersonville Elementary Teacher

Pop Up Tinker Shop (PUTS) is a mobile museum that travels to schools, childcare centers, and community events throughout the Tri-County area to provide access to unique early education opportunities in STEM learning, while effectively eliminating the barriers of cost, time and travel that often limit exposure to exactly these types of high-quality encounters.

What is the Pop Up Tinker Shop?

In our PUTS trailer, we have a diverse array of hands-on, play-based activities for children to learn important STEM education initiatives through play. It includes imagination playground blocks, simple circuits, raceways, Rigamajig, ball wall, dinosaur bones, and more interactive stations!  PUTS goes into communities and schools where attending the museum would be difficult or impossible due to barriers in finances, transportation, or distance.

PUTS is a great alternative to a field trip. You get an interactive, educational experience without the hassle of buses, packed lunches, and volunteers!

Pop Up Tinker Shop Prices

  • Title 1 School (8 hours): $752
  • Non Title 1 School (8 hours): $1,383
  • Title 1 After School (3 hours): $453
  • Non Title 1 After School (3 hours): $1,083

Interested in having the Pop Up Tinker Shop visit your school or community event? Contact Jennifer Sanders, Director of Education, at 843.853.8962 x 208 or jennifer@exploreCML.org.